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Tahun terbitan : 2022

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At some point in our life, we would be in a position as a learner and a teacher. Although institutional based, the notion of this book is in celebration of teachership, where the magic  of  competencies  goes  beyond  teaching  and  learning.  The  essence  of  the  learning  journey  leverages  on  emotion,  participation,  and  relevance  that  can  be  presented in a variety of strategies to not only captivate, motivate and stimulate but also alleviate the “learners” to a higher level of knowledge retention and application. Learners  are  not  just  the  ones  confined  to  the  classroom  but  can  appear  in  many  instances, situations and guises. The “teacher” does not connote me per se, rather the teachership is presented in phases, with me being a learner and later on, a teacher. Ultimately, in the highest form of teachership, the Almighty presented His “university” for us to think, reflect, uncover, connect the dots... to learn, appreciate and innovate for the benefit of mankind. The inexorable teacher soldiers on in a wide spectrum of ways  in  which  content  can  be  delivered,  harnessed  and  practised.  There  was  no  retirement  from  being  concerned  with  the  knowledge  that  take  to  the  affairs  of  the  Hereafter.  May  this  book  exemplify  the  importance,  acquisition  and  application  of  knowledge that should always be evolving in our minds: to be in pursuance of its noble status and consequently, that the conceptual, social, spiritual and scientific life will be laden with barakah (blessings).


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