Penulis : Aspalilah Alias I Abdelnasser Ibrahim I Faridah Mohd Nor

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ISBN: 978-967-440-929-6

Tahun terbitan : 2021

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This book is about forensic anthropology on a specifically selected bone i.e. the skull and its method of identification. There are about 206 bones in the human body, and the skull has special characteristics that makes it unique and different in each individual. In this book, a new method is introduced for identification of human remains, also known as geometric morphometric analysis. The geometric morphometric analysis of skeletal elements utilizes a statistical method that studies shape and size of bones that can be visualized for specific populations. While traditional morphometric method was mainly focused on the size of bones, geometric morphometric method enables one to quantify both shape and size of each bone and reproduce them by visualization of the bone as its end product. Besides, fragmented bone may also be analysed by a similar technique for identification purposes. Finally, the knowledge of forensic anthropology may ultimately be used to provide vital information on the importance of human identification for routine forensic practices worldwide.


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