Penulis : Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz

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ISBN: 978-967-440-738-4

Terbitan: 2020

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A Comprehension of Islamic Banking: Principles and Operations provides a comprehension on the principles and operations of Islamic banking institution in order to highlight theory and current application in the institution. The book includes a range of topics such as Overview of Islamic Banking, Deposit Facilities, Financing Facilities in Islamic Banking, Risk Management for Islamic Banking, Shariah Regulatory Framework and Governance of Islamic Banking, Regulatory Bodies in Islamic Banking, Product Development of Islamic Banking as well as Marketing of Islamic Banking Products. This book tries to introduce a true concept and operation applied by Islamic banking institutions, allowing its practical application by all. This book is suitable for college and university students, academician, practitioner and the general public who are interested in obtaining understanding on principles and operations of Islamic banking in this country and worldwide.


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