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ISBN: 978-967-440-124-5
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Author: Kirembwe Rashid Abdul Hamed  I  Mohammad Najib Jaafar  I  Hishomudin Ahmad

Price: RM 29.90

e-ISBN: 978-967-440-124-5

Published: 2014

Type: DVD - e-Book format in PDF

The Advanced Luganda-English-Arabic Dictionary is intended to make the learning of Arabic Language easy for Luganda-English speakers at advanced level. It consists of 13992 entries of Luganda words. The linguistic descriptions of all entries are differentiated with black, blue and red colours. This dictionary provides learners with opportunities to:

i.    Implement techniques of learning Arabic language by using Luganda words borrowed from Arabic language.

ii.  Apply practical instances of Arabic grammar and morphology using Luganda words borrowed from Arabic language.

iii.  Acquire big number of Arabic vocabularies using the easiest list of analyzed glossary for Luganda words borrowed from Arabic language provided in the appendixes.

iv.  Acquire more Luganda as well as English vocabularies throughout lexical syntactic   comparison of entries.

Dr. Kirembwe Rashid Abdul Hamed is a senior lecturer at the Fakulti Pengajian Bahasa Utama (FPBU), USIM, Bandar Baru Nilai, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. His area of research interests includes and not limited to: Arts & Literature; Asian and Other Muslim Languages; Comparative Religion; Curriculum Development; e-Learning; Education Policy, Management and Administration; Educational Linguistics; Educational Psychology; Islamic Family Law; Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence; Philosophy of Education; Religious Education; Research Methodology; Social Science & Humanities; Teacher Training; Tertiary Education; World Language Studies and World Literature Studies.

Dr. Mohammad Najib Jaffar is a Senior Lecturer of FPBU, and has been appointed as Deputy Dean (Student Development and Performance Management). His field of expertise is in Applied Linguistic, Arabic For Specific Purposes and e-Learning while his current research about Model of Arabic For Tourism Curriculum Development.

Dr. Hishomudin Ahmad is a Senior Lecturer in FPBU, and has been recently appointed as fellow researcher Institut Pengurusan Fatwa Sedunia (INFAD), USIM. His field of expertise is in Arabic Literature, especially in Andalusian Literature, while his current field of interests also covers a broad multi and trans-disciplinary research approach in building Islamic ontology based on al-Quran, Hadith and Arabic Language and Latent Semantic Analysis. 

Also available in e-book format at www.e-sentral.com 

(e-ISBN 978-967-440-125-2)


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