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ISBN: 978-967-440-123-8
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Author: Kirembwe Rashid Abdul Hamed  I  Mohammad Najib Jaafar  I  Hishomudin Ahmad

Price: RM 89.90

e-ISBN: 978-967-440-123-8

Published: 2014

Type: DVD - e-Book format in PDF

This Encyclopedia uses Arabic morphology system to expand Luganda lexical application so that Luganda can reach global linguistic levels. The encyclopedia functionally uses English language to clarify all Luganda meanings prior to the provision of their equivalents in Arabic language. While using Arabic morphology to expand Luganda lexical application this encyclopedia deals with three categories of words origins; 

1) Words exist in Luganda language with Arabic origin that never changed; 

2) Words exist in Luganda language with Arabic origin that changed and 

3) Typical Luganda words.

The major differences between this Encyclopedia and the previously published Elementary and Advanced Luganda English-Arabic Wordlists is that: While the focus in the “Elementary Wordlist” is on basic description of Luganda word in three languages, the Advanced Wordlist elaborates common Morphology and Grammatical instances beside the basic descriptions. Yet this Encyclopedia provides more than –just- word descriptions and syntactic elaborations; It expands the word of Luganda Language by applying Arabic derivative morphology so that Luganda word becomes up-to-date, active and systemically comparable with the rest of world developed languages.

This encyclopedia is composed of three important sections i) General Introduction to the Conceptual Framework, Techniques and guidelines of using this encyclopedia; ii) Main Section of the Encyclopedia; iii) Conclusion and Two Appendixes.

Also available in e-book format at www.e-sentral.com 

(e-ISBN 978-967-440-123-8)


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