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ISBN: 978-967-440-102-3
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Author: Dzulkifli Abdul Razak

Price: RM 75.00

ISBN: 978-967-440-102-3

Published: 2014

Total Pages: 648 m/s

THIS IS NO ORDINARY BOOK, as I see it. This is because the writer is Dzulkifli Razak.  He is of different species. I know this for a fact. And he declares it so: read article on page 544, “Dare to be different”. 

If you are looking for a straightforward cookbook on leadership, forget it! This is not your kind of textbook on leadership.  But, you may wonder as I did, why give the book such a pretentious title!  Except for a few articles to suggest the title of the book, the rest seem unconnected. That’s what I thought. At first. But with Dzul, which I discovered many times before at great cost, you have to think before socking it to him, so to speak. Reading through all the subthemes which is a portpurri of many "seemingly" unrelated stuffs one gets a sense of randomness about these topics. But is this the case? I do not believe so. There is a message that Dzul is conveying to us and it is a profound one about leadership.

I believe Dzul does not want to write about leadership in the ordinary way because leadership cannot be produced through a step-by-step cookbook to be committed to memory and then regurgitate. It should be noted that to date there are 130 million books on leadership and counting. Despite this huge deluge of leadership books, leadership remains an issue begging swift relief.

I must also state that it is a delight to read the writings of Tan Sri Dzulkifli Razak. The style is deceptively simple written in a manner that you and I can understand. This is not to say that the issues dealt by Dzul are not profound in terms of their depths and breaths. Indeed they are but he is gifted with the ability to bring the profound within the grasp of ordinary mortals like me. Reading Dzul requires one to sit back (which is mandatory otherwise you will lose the essence of the matter that he presents before us) and reflect on his narratives one at a time as they create an intricate tapestry that displays the complexities of how he perceives the general and the particular, and deftly weaves them into a kaleidoscope of themes that stretches from the mundane to the profound.

He captures the obvious and presents them in new light. He succeeds in rekindling my curiousity and becons me to take the journey with him as he explores the many issues that confront the leader.


Leadership is a good read.


 Tan Sri Dr. Wan Zahid Noordin

Chairperson, Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), 

and Former Director-General of Education, Ministry of Education, Malaysia; 

also Chairperson, National Education Dialogue for 

Malaysia Education Blueprint (2013-2025)

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