Penulis : Basam Mesbah Aghbar I Wan Azura Wan Ahmad I Zulkifli Md Isa IAbd Rahman Ibrahim Islieh

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ISBN: 978-967-0001-21-0

Tahun terbitan : 2022

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The scientific studies that include the practical and theoretical aspects are considered a vital aspect in term of understanding of the phenomenon or the researched phenomena. One of these issues that should be studied and conceive its relation is the linguistic issue in general and the contemporary linguistics in particular. This book aims to present theoretical bases in the linguistics then applying these bases on the high ranked standard texts. Therefore the descriptive, analytical approaches and the statistical one are used to achieve this objective through four chapters. The first chapter dealt with the most important bases and rules that the phonetics  and morphology and phonetic and morphological  fields are used  as well as the linguistic studies the Arabic dictionaries are used .The second chapter tackled the computational linguistics in terms of its definition and highlight the first branch in this science which is the  statistical linguistics in addition to indicate its aspects and its significance in regard  with linguistic lesson and its possibility to apply in the Arabic language . While the third chapter presents the semantic and linguistic analysis to the   Quranic verses   especially the verses that order Muslims to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. These verses were determined then they were analyzed and showing the differences in in their meanings and knowing the semantic signs that they are reflexed. The last chapter highlighted the literary phenomenon which the phenomenon of religious interdependence in the poetry of prison literature. This chapter analyzes the influence of Islamic religious texts, especially the Noble Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah, on poetry.  Furthermore the chapter produces the manifestations of the shadows that these texts cast on the poetry of the Palestinian prisoner, and how to employ them, and find out   its manifestations in the hearts of its recipients, and supporters of this just human cause. Each chapter has been ended with a conclusion that includes the most important results. This book paves the way to those who love Arabic language through highlighting the most important linguistic phenomenon and open to them a wide door to study and research such phenomenon applicably and practically.  


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