Penulis : Norailis Ab. Wahab I Rosnia Masruki I Suzanah Selamat

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Organizational Management Cases gathered case studies by

different authors on issues that can potentially occur in

organizationa in their financial industry. The fruits of sustained

commitment by all of the parties in the ecosystem to ensure the

vision and mission of the organization can be achieved in the

planned period. This book aims to present a complete picture of

aspects relating to planning, leading, organizing, and

controlling. The book presents seven chapters on the various

individuals who focused their strategies to build success after

success acknowledged by the community of the field. The

importance of this book is the reciprocal benefits, morals, and

better performance of employees and the organization. Clearly,

the challenges that they faced did not prevent them from

succeeding and continuing to persevere to be an example in the

context of the industry where they belong.


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