Penulis : Shumsudin Mohd Yabi Al-Fatani I Mohd Fauzi Mohd Amin

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ISBN: 978-967-0001-18-2

Tahun terbitan : 2022

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Ilmi ar-Rijal is considered one of the most important sciences in the study of chain of narrators, as well as the ruling on hadith, it deals with the conditions of hadith narrators with regard to accepting or rejecting their narration, and reveals their names, surnames, nicknames, genealogies, distinctions, biographical dictionaries (tabaqat); the importance of this knowledge, Imam Ali bin Al-Madini, may God Almighty have mercy on him (d. 234 AH), said: “Understanding the meanings of hadith is half of knowledge, and knowledge of men is another half.” Knowing this science is essential for everyone who studies the hadith of the Prophet, as it helps him to understand the subtle chains of transmission, enables him to solve its delicate issues, and informs him of the various sources of biographies of narrators that he is indispensable to benefit from. This book introduces all the topics of this science in a simplified style, with examples, questions and useful practical exercises.


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