Penulis: Yasmin Hanani Mohd Safian, Mohd Mahyeddin Mohd Salleh, Muhammad Nizam Awang, Mustafa 'Afifi Ab. Halim, Syahirah Abdul Shukor

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ISBN: 978-967-440-660-8

Terbitan: 2019

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This module covers Islamic legal rulings and legal aspects pertaining to the halal industry. It consists of five topics. Topic 1 discusses the origin of Islamic law, the legal rulings in Islamic law and the origin of halal concept in Islamic law. Topic 2 and 3 elaborate the halal rulings applicable to foods, cosmetics, slaughtering methods, current issues and related fatwa. The concept of impurity (najasah) and methods to cleanse a material or premise from impurity benn emphasises on Topic 4. Also, Topic 5 looks at the laws, regulations and key agencies involved in ensuring integrity throughout t he entire halal value chain. Hopefully, this module will provide readers a solid foundation on the importance of fiqh and law as the bedrock of sustainable halal industry.


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