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Terbitan : 2021

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This  book  aims  to  address  a  range  of  common  clinical  problems   in   paediatric   dental   practice.   The   format   takes  a  logical  approach  to  problem  solving  through  history  taking,  clinical  examination  and  investigation  which  are  the  main  steps  of  patient  management.  Clinical  and  radiographical  photographs  are  included  in  each  case  to  ensure  understanding  and  facilitate  further critical thinking as different opinions may arise f rom  different  clinicians.  Discussions  are  inserted  to  give the rationales for the decisions made in each case. This    book    is    primarily    intended    for    the    dental    undergraduates  although  it  is  also  suitable  for  any  clinician  who  would  like  to  revisit  problem  solving  in  paediatric  dentistry.

Step By Step Guidance And Clinical Probelm Solving In Paediatric Dentistry

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